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Interaction + Information + Visual Design

Website and portfolio for the real Scott Bower.

Personal Statement
"To see as beautiful what is necessary in things, so as, to be one of those who makes things beautiful."

In Brief
Thirteen years of experience using research to create compelling experiences across appliances, software, artifacts, and networks to achieve the highest ROI for clients, and, maximum pleasurability for people.

Primary Skills
Digital Product Design, Brand/User Experience, Interaction Design, Information Design and Visualization, Information Architecture, Computational Installation Art, Human Computer Interaction, Microsoft Development Methodologies, Windows Presentation Foundation Interfaces, Adobe Flash Interfaces, Microsoft Silverlight Interfaces, Java Swing, UI Framework Definitions, End User Cross Platform Definitions, Usage-Centered Design (coined), SCRUM Agile Processes, Agile UX Processes, Process Engineering, Systems Design, User Research.

5 years experience: Digital Product Design for Doctors using Enterprise Healthcare EHR User Interfaces

3 years experience: Digital Product Design for Financial and Banking Markets (Contagion Information Visualization Interfaces)

Product and Communication Design for
Allscripts, Misys, Hallmark, IBM, CNN, Motorola, AT&T, RBC, Wells Fargo, Hope House, CocaCola, Alfani, and Microsoft.

Revised: February 20, 2009.
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